WJDesigns a Website Development and Design Company

I promise to deliver a quality websites in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Through this practice I have been able to create websites for small and medium, budget-minded businesses that incorporates a unique, professional style tailored to the client's image for the last fifteen years.

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Pittsburgh Biker - Motorcycle Rides & Events Posting Website

I have been a motorcycle rider for longer than I care to remember, in fact I climbed on a neighbor's Honda 90 in the 60's and been riding ever since. I created this website to be a clearing house of motorcycle information, because many times you hear about a Bike event or ride after the fact.

This information varies from Charity Rides, Local bike nights and motorcycle sales and services.

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Ourtowne - Privately Owned and Operated Business Directory

This website was borne because of a belief and an event. First, I always believed in shopping at locally privately owned business. That is not only helping local businesses, but supporting your neighborhood. The second was moving from the North Hills to the South Hills. If you know anything about the Pittsburgh area, that's like moving to another city. As I was collecting a list of services I would be using, a friend suggested that I place the list on the web so others could benefit from the information..

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